Doctorate at the TUM School of Natural Sciences

Have you already earned a Master of Science or a related degree with above-average results? Are you full of curiosity and thirst for knowledge? Are you interested in independent research in a current field and want to discover new things? Then this is the place for you! The former Department of Chemistry and the Physics Department merged into the new TUM School of Natural Sciences and the same applies for the Graduate Center of Natural Sciences.

TUM is one of the leading research universities in Europe and together with our partner institutions, the Campus Garching offers a rich and unique academic environment for physical sciences. The TUM School of Natural Sciences comprises three departments: Bioscience, Chemistry and Physics. With around 1100 ongoing PhD projects we offer an exciting environment to pursue a PhD in natural sciences. Doctoral studies at TUM are characterized by teamwork, interdisciplinarity and independent thinking and provide valuable assets for any successful career.

On these pages you will find all necessary information about requirements and guide you through the formal steps towards a PhD in natural sciences.


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