Attention! Changes to the degree program

The Master's degree program in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics has been revised. The exact changes to the structure can be found on the Curriculum subpage. 

The structure of the previous elective courses (valid for the start of studies from summer semester 2020 up to and including winter semester 2023/24) can be found on the BEMP Elective Courses 2019 subpage in the FAQs. 

Students who are currently enrolled on the Master's degree program in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics might switch to the new version of the program. Further information on this transfer option will also be published on this website in Januar 2024.

Elective Courses in the Focus Areas BEMP 2024

Master's students of the interdisciplinary program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics can choose their elective modules out of an extensive and dynamic catalog, covering nearly all research topics pursued in our department and affiliated institutions.

You have to complete a total of 30 credit points (CP) from the range of electives in the Master's degree program. A certain breadth of education must be guaranteed. The following rule applies: you need to take modules with at least 10 CP each in the categories Advanced Fundamentals and Methods, as well as modules with at least 5 CP in the category Computing. The module selection is discussed in a consultation with a mentor, who must confirm the mentoring meeting with a certificate.

Information about the catalog of the elective courses

The modules in the focus areas are updated by the examination board before the beginning of each semester.

Elective Modules Advanced Fundamentals BEMP (at least 10 CP)

Elective Modules Methods BEMP (at least 10 CP)

Elective Modules Computing BEMP (at least 5 CP)