Application and Admission to the B.Sc. Physics

The German language Bachelor's program in Physics at TUM is open admission, i.e. there are only the general, formal requirements, such as the university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur). Studies can only begin in the winter semester.

Application Deadline and Study Start

Starting the study program is only possible in the winter semester. The last date for submitting all necessary application documents is September the 15th. However, we strongly recommend that you submit your application by July the 15th at the latest. From experience, only then there is sufficient time to rectify any incorrect or incomplete sets of documents in good time and thus ensure a smooth start of studies. The online application will be activated around mid-May.

Please note that the application procedure is carried out centrally by the TUM Center for Study and Teaching/Admissions and Enrollment Office (CST/ABI) and not decentralized in the Student's Office of Physics. Please follow the instructions "Applying for a Bachelor's Degree Program – Step by Step" of the CST/ABI.

International applicants (i.e. if you do not have a German university entrance qualification) follow the information of the CST/ABI on the Application for International Applicants. Please note in particular that the deadline for the application for the pre-examination documentation (VPD) via uni-assist, which is required in these cases, is July the 15th.

Do not forget to actually enroll!

The procedure is completely digital until the acceptance of the admission, only for the enrollment as a student the submission of certain documents (especially a certified copy of the university entrance qualification) in paper form is mandatory. Without enrollment, you will not have student status and will e.g. not be able to register for courses. You should therefore submit the documents for enrollment as soon as possible!

Transfer from another German University

If you have already been enrolled in physics or a related degree program at a German university, the periods of study will be credited automatically in accordance with § 16 paragraph 1 APSO. In particular, it is therefore not possible in these cases to start studying physics at TUM again in the first semester. Rather, a corresponding semester progression takes place automatically as part of the admission procedure, and this always results in a cross-entry into a higher subject semester (see section below)!

Tuition Fees for International Students

In principle, studying at TUM is free of charge. All you have to do is pay the semester fee for the student union.

For international students from third countries, i.e. from countries that do not belong to the European Economic Area (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), tuition fees will be charged from the winter semester 2024/25. All information about fee levels, waivers and scholarship programs can be found on the tuition fees for international students website.

Pre-course Mathematics for New Students in Physics

Even before the actual start of your studies, you as a first-year student of mathematics and/or physics have the opportunity to receive an introduction to the methods of studying mathematics or physics in the preliminary course "Mathematics for Mathematicians and Physicists", which is offered as a voluntary block course.

Organizational details and information on registration can be found on the pages of the pre-course in mathematics (website in German).

Language of Instruction is German

The B.Sc. Physics is a German-language program. Therefore, proof of sufficient German language skills is a prerequisite for admission - the general TUM requirements apply.

In addition to the compulsory German-language program, individual lectures or modules are also offered in English as a supplement.

Cross-Entry into a Higher Subject Semester

In the B.Sc. Physics, the qualifying Fundamentals and Orientation Examination (GOP) takes place in the first year of study. When cross-entering (from another university in Germany or from another study program at TUM) into a higher subject semester, you therefore have to fulfill the same requirements as regular students.

Before you submit an application for a higher semester via TUMonline, you need to contact the physics advisor as part of the upstream process. If the consultation shows that you meet the requirements for a cross-entry, you will receive a credit transfer report (see download on the CST/ABI pages for cross-entry into higher subject semesters), which is necessary for the application.

In order to have the same level as your future fellow students, the following minimum requirements apply:

Application and Admission with Cross-Entry

In any case, before applying for cross-entry, you must contact the Physics Student Counseling early on in order to receive advice and, if the requirements are met, to obtain the credit transfer report that is mandatory for the application.

If you apply for cross-entry in the winter semester, i.e. in semester 3 or 5, you submit your online application in the same way as first-year students during the application period.

If you apply for cross-entry in the summer semester, i.e. in semester 2 or 4, the online application is not possible. In this case, the online application will be opened for a short window of time at the beginning of the semester. If you meet the requirements for cross-entry, you will be given this time window together with the credit transfer report.

Cross-Entry from Abroad

If you are planning to transfer from a physics-related degree program at a foreign university, contact the Physics Student Counseling at an early stage. Since this is generally very complex due to the usually considerably different curricula, we strongly recommend that you complete the bachelor's degree program at the previous university and transfer at the defined bachelor-master interface.

Such an "international cross-entry" is only possible for the winter semester. In this case, you apply for the first semester. The recognition of achievements and subsequently a semester upgrade, if applicable, will take place after enrollment.