M.Sc. Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Mathematics is the universal language of theoretical physics that is fundamental for an understanding of our world at the smallest and largest scales. Conversely, physical intuition supplies mathematics not only with relevant problems but can also suggest paths to new answers. Those at home in both worlds who have acquired a broad education can form fruitful connections and explore promising innovative approaches.

The Elite Master program Theoretical and Mathematical Physics is offered in cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) within the framework of the Elite Network of Bavaria. Students are enroled at both universities.

Administration of the degree program is done by our colleagues at LMU. Hence, for detailed information on the program and application see the pages of the Elite Master’s program Theoretical and Mathematical Physics there.

Module offer at TUM

The catalog of modules included in the TMP program is managed by the colleagues at LMU and regularly published in the TMP wiki. The following tables list the modules from the catalog offered by TUM School of Natural Sciences and, as far as it was brought to our attention, TUM School of Computation and Information.

Official lecture and exam dates are published in TUMonline. Please check the TUMonline entry and keep the regular TUM deadlines for exam registration in mind.