Exam withdrawal and medical certificates

All regulations regarding examination withdrawal can be found on the central TUM page.


(1) A personally signed withdrawal request  to the Examination Committee and

(2) a medical certificate based

  • on an examination on the day of the exam stating the start and end of the inability to take the exam due to illness and a medical description of the inability to take the exam (e.g., "bed rest"), no diagnosis must be submitted promptly to the former Faculty of Chemistry office in Garching.

Explanatory details:

The request and the certificate must be submitted promptly (i.e., within 3 working days) in the original to the study office chemistry. The documents can be submitted by mail, in person, or by a representative. Outside the office hours, the documents can be dropped into the office's mailbox. Certificates that do not meet the required criteria (e.g., yellow incapacity certificates for employees) will not be recognized. If certificates are submitted without the accompanying request, they cannot be recognized.