Elective Catalog "Technical Basics" in the Bachelor’s Program in Physics

The elective course catalog "Technical Basics" covers the basics of computer science, data processing and measurement technology, since basic knowledge in these areas is one of the key qualifications of a modern physics education. The catalog of elective courses can be updated annually by the examination board to reflect current developments.

In the TUM Bachelor's programs in physics, the elective courses "Technical Basics" are just evaluated as "pass" and do not count in the final grade.

The workload of the elective courses "Technical Basics" is according to 5 CP (ECTS). It replaces the 4-CP-module "Introduction to Scientific Programming", which is a mandatory module in the third term for students who registered for the Bachelor's program before first of October 2020. In the new Bachelor's program, it is also generally recommended to attend the "Introduction to Scientific Programming" (IN8008). Only students who already have sufficient skills here should consider the advanced variants.

Current Module Catalog