Courses for Exchange Students in Physics

Exchange students in physics can benefit from an extensive and dynamic catalog, covering nearly all research topics pursued in our School and affiliated institutions. Please use these sites when drafting your study program at TUM and choose at least 60% of your workload out of this offer.

How to draft your study plan in physics at TUM?

  • Given that a module can consist of one or more courses, please make reference of the module number together with the title (e.g. PH0001 for Experimental Physics 1 or NAT3002 for Advanced Statistical Physics)
  • At least 60% of your workload (total number of ECTS credits) needs to be in physics and come from the catalogs below
  • You can choose Bachelor's and/or Master's modules, as long as you fulfill the academic requirements
  • You need to provide proof of proficiency in the language of instruction together with your application at TUM and, if necessary, for changes in your study plan later on

Course Catalogs for Exchange Students in Physics

Please consider that TUM courses are normally published late in July for the winter semester and at the beginning of February for the summer semester. The TUM application deadline for exchange programs is prior to these publication dates, so you have to draft your preliminary study program based on the offer of the previous academic year. Although his offer is normally a reliable indicator of next year's offerings, you should prepare some substitute courses.

Bachelor level

Modules from our Bachelor program are typically taught in German. Exchange students need to have sufficient language skills to visit these courses.

Master level

Here you will find modules from all our Master programs. Exchange students are free to combine modules from different programs.

Frequently Asked Questions