Master's program in Biochemistry

As the 'chemistry of life,' biochemistry, as an independent scientific field, serves as the link between biology and chemistry. It utilizes both the analytical and synthetic approaches from chemistry as well as the observational and descriptive approaches from biology. The significance of biochemistry lies in the analysis and understanding of the organization of cells and organisms at the molecular level.

Biochemistry analyzes reaction mechanisms such as intracellular substance transport, cell differentiation, signaling cascades, or cellular responses to stress, as well as the molecular causes of diseases. In its teachings, it encompasses the chemical, physical, and molecular biological properties from individual molecules to protein complexes and cells, which are understood and utilized both scientifically for research purposes and practically for pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Biochemistry exhibits a strong application orientation, particularly in medical research, and is now established as an independent study subject across Europe. As a rapidly developing research field, the current focuses of biochemistry lie particularly in the area of molecular medicine, understanding the molecular basis of various diseases, and the development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Additionally, the exploration and understanding of all cellular processes, as well as the application of the generated knowledge in enzyme technology, the production of biomolecules, or the targeted modification of organisms, constitute further focal points.

The overarching goal of the Master's program in Biochemistry is to meet the demand from the economy and industry by providing a research-oriented and at the same time practice-oriented, specialized, and interdisciplinary education to a manageable number of excellent students in biochemistry, thus training the future experts in this field. The scientific offspring for research and industry should be trained to become natural science specialists and leaders as societal contributors.

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