KTH Royal Institute of Technology



Exchange places

  • Erasmus+ Studies: 4 places, 5 months each (for all programs)
                                   2 places, 5 months each (only for BEMP students)
  • Double Degree: 2 places per year

Places denote the maximum number of students that can be sent to the host university. In the Erasmus+ program, the duration of the stay may be shorter or, if places are combined, longer than stated. However, please also consider the overall duration allowed by the Erasmus+ program.

Study possibilities

  • Erasmus+ Studies:
    • Undergraduate / Bachelor
    • Postgraduate / Master
  • Double Degree: Postgraduate

Languages of instruction and requirements

  • English

    Information about studies

    • Academic calendar
    • Academic offer - see the School of Engineering Sciences, BEMP students can also have a look at the academic offer of the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health!
      Their School of Engineering Sciences has a Master program in Engineering Physics contains the following specializations:
      • Biomedical Physics
      • Optics and Photonics
      • Quantum Technology
      • Subatomic and Astrophysics
      • Theoretical Physics

    Among other programs, they also have a Master in Nuclear Energy Engineering.

    Their School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health has a Master in Medical Engineering.

    After successful application at TUM and nomination by our department to the partner university, you may follow their application process within the corresponding deadline:

    • Autumn/winter term: April 15 (5 pm)
    • Spring/summer term: October 15 (5 pm)