Attention! Changes to the degree program

From the summer semester 2024, there will be fundamental changes to the structure of the Master's degree program in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics. You can find more information on the following website:

website on the Master's degree program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics.

Tuition Fees for International Students

In principle, studying at TUM is free of charge. All you have to do is pay the semester fee for the student union.

For international students from third countries, i.e. from countries that do not belong to the European Economic Area (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), tuition fees will be charged from the winter semester 2024/25. All information about fee levels, waivers and scholarship programs can be found on the tuition fees for international students website.

Application Requirements and Procedure for the Master's program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

The online application procedure through TUMonline is managed centrally by TUM admissions office. The application for the Master's program is possible for a begin in both, the winter and the summer semester. However, starting in the winter semester is strongly recommended, since many courses have a one-year structure and the curriculum is optimized for a start in winter.

An important admission requirement is to have completed a Bachelor’s degree of at least six semesters, in Physics or another suitable subject area, or an at least equivalent degree in an engineering or natural science-oriented degree program, at a German or foreign university. The suitability of the university degree will be judged by an admissions comitee which grants or declines acceptance based on the competencies acquired – details may be found below. Applicants from the Bachelor Degree Program in Physics at TUM and LMU also have to take part in the general application process.

The online application procedure through TUMonline is managed centrally by TUM admissions office. In addition to the information given here, please also read carefully the information about the web-based application procedure of TUM to apply for the Master's program.

Application periods

For a start in winter semester

  • April 1 to May 31

For a start in summer semester

  • September 1 to November 30

The closing dates are absolute deadlines, i. e. the online application has to be completed in TUMonline. All necessary documents have to be uploaded by then.

Selection procedure schedule

First stage

The results of the first stage of the aptitude assessment are published approximately eight weeks after the application deadline.

Second stage

Applicants who are not directly admitted in the first stage will be invited to a selection interview. The dates will be determined following the announcement of the results of the first stage. Individual dates will be arranged with the applicants.

Admission is based on documents uploaded online. Certified copies must be submitted for enrollment only after admission. It is important that all documents relevant for admission are uploaded, otherwise the application is not considered complete. This also applies to TUM-internal applications!

Which documents are necessary in your case will be specified during the online process. Please also consider the information given by TUM Student Admission Office.

Some additional information on some of these documents is provided below.

  • CV

Please provide a curriculum vitae without chronological gaps up to the time of your application at TUM. Please feel free to use the template from the European Union (europass).

  • Statement of reasons (Motivation letter)

The written grounds (in English) for selecting the desired Master's program of the TUM should not be longer than two DIN A4 pages. In this, explain

(1) why you are suitable for the program (reference to admission requirements), and

(2) which reasons led to select this degree program at the TUM (objectives, envisaged specialization fields).

The statement of reasons letter has to be connected to the chosen Master's program, a general statement about your interest in the subject is not sufficient. It must be written independently and without outside help and the ideas taken from outside sources must be identified as such.

  • Academic Records

You have to hand in your transcript, diploma and degree certificate. If the original language of the documents is other than German or English, you must submit your documents (i) in the original language and (ii) in certified translations into English or German.

You are required to submit the academic records from each university or college you have attended, including the official transcript of records (mark sheets) and evidence of all degrees awarded.

If you are applying before graduation, please send us the official transcript of records together with a list of the courses to be completed by the time of graduation and provide us with your degree certificate as soon as possible, latest one year after starting your studies at TUM (see also the remark at admission in advance).

  • Analysis of your curriculum

The curricular analysis is an overview of the skills you have acquired in your previous studies and how you think you meet the required subject-specific prerequisites. Please carefully compare the modules of your Bachelor's curriculum point by point with the required modules and use the program-specific analysis of your curriculum form for your self-assessment.

  • Module catalog / curriculum

The Module catalog contians Module descriptions with information about the contents and competences taught in your studies. At least the contents and the learning outcomes of your courses should be included, if possible also the workload or teaching hours.

If your university does not provide descriptions in English or German, but only in the local language, you have to translate the descriptions yourself and submit them together with the original descriptions (weblinks to the corresponding place on the official website of your university is sufficient).

  • Language certificate

Undergraduate students whose native language or language of instruction in university is not English, according to §36 (1) S. 2 of the exam regulations have to provide a proof of adequate knowledge of the language in order to be admitted to the English language Master's program Biomedical engineering and medical Physics.

The certificates accepted for English language skills are institutional at TUM.

In addition to these certificates, it will also be accepted if at least 10 ECTS in your underlying Bachelor's degree program were taught and examined in English. This can be provided e.g. as an English-language Bachelor's thesis. For this proof, compile the English-language modules in a list using the provided PDF. And do not forget the proof that these modules are in English. Please note that proof of language skills must be available by the application deadline.

German language skills in English-taught programs?

Although knowledge of the German language is not relevant for your admission in English-taught programs, the Bavarian State Government requires all international students to acquire at least a basic level of German during their studies (CEFR Level A1 or higher). Therefore, applicants not providing proof of German language skills can only be granted admission on condition to complete one module providing them with integrative knowledge of the German language within the first two semesters of their studies. For this purpose, you may take language German courses before leaving your home country or do so during your studies. The offer of German language courses at TUM is limited to availability of places, please check out regular offer of TUM Language Center.

If you already have German language skills at level A1 or higher, please submit the proof of proficiency together with your application (as an “appendix” to the curriculum vitae).

  • Special conditions for certain countries

For individual countries, special requirements apply regarding the documents to be submitted. You do not need a GRE for this program.

The academic requirements for admission to the Master in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics are:

  • You have completed the TUMonline application in full and on time (uploading all documents relevant to admission).

  • You have a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent), which in form and content is comparable to our research-oriented Bachelor at TUM.
    To find out whether your Bachelor's program is sufficient for admission, you need to have taken courses equivalent to the core modules at TUM of the following list.
    Particularly important for the evaluation are the content and work load of all the listed modules compared to those from your Bachelor degree.

    Subject Group


    Experimental Physics
    (mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, oscillation, waves, and optics)
    Equivalent to the following compulsory modules from TUM Bachelor in Chemistry

    PH9002: Experimental Physics 1 and

    PH9003: Experimental Physics 2


    Advanced Experimental Physics
    (introduction to nuclear, particle and astrophysics, and condensed matter physics).
    Equivalent to the following compulsory modules from TUM Bachelor in Physics

    PH0016: Introduction to Nuclear, Particle, and Astrophysics and

    PH0019: Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics


    Theoretical Physics
    (analytical mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, statistical physics).
    Equivalent to the following compulsory modules from TUM Bachelor in Physics

    PH0005: Theoretical Physics 1 (Mechanics) and

    PH0006: Theoretical Physics 2 (Electrodynamics) and

    PH0007: Theoretical Physics 3 (Quantum Mechanics) and

    PH0008: Theoretical Physics 4A (Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics)


    Fundamentals in Mathematics
    (linear algebra, analysis).
    Equivalent to the following compulsory modules from TUM Bachelor in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    MA9409: Linear Algebra (EI) and

    MA9411: Analysis 1 (EI) and

    MA9412: Analysis 2 (EI) and

    MA9413: Analysis 3 (EI)


    Fundamentals in Chemistry and in Biology
    (fundamentals in general, inorganic and organic chemistry, core concepts of biochemistry as well as general biology and physiology concepts).
    Equivalent to the following compulsory modules from TUM Bachelor in Physics and TUM Bachelor in Bioinformatics

    CH1104:Chemistry for Physicists and

    IN5113: Biology and

    IN5167: Fundamentals of Biochemistry

    Completed lab courses and practical training amounting to at least 20 ECTS Credit Points.




  • If it has been established that there are no significant differences in the skills acquired, a maximum of 60 points (maximum 10 points per subject group) will be awarded. In the absence of part of the equivalent competences, points will be deducted. Only whole points are awarded. The resulting points are included later in the aptitude assessment as a base score.

  • Anyone who has achieved less than 30 points will not be admitted to the aptitude test.

  • If you have achieved a minimum of 30 points with your qualifying Bachelor's degree and have submitted the necessary documents on time, you will be admitted to the aptitude assessment.

The procedure is divided in two stages:

  1. In the first stage,the admission board rates the submitted documents on a scale from 0 to 90 points, where 90 points is the best possible result and the following scheme is applied:
    • The qualifications' score comes from the review of above-mentioned competences. The maximum possible awarded points are 60.
    • Final grade on the degree: for every one-tenth of the grade above 3.0 (German grading system), one point is added (max. 20 points). Negative points are not awarded. For international degrees, the grades will be converted. If at time of application a grade report with more than 130 CP is available, the best possible grades with a total of 130 CP are used. It is the applicant's responsibility to list these in the application (second page of the curricular analysis). If this information is missing, the overall average grade submitted by the applicant will be used.
    • The letter of motivation is graded on a scale from 0 to 10 (maximum value) by two members of the board. The average of these two values is added in full points.
    The total points will be the sum of the three components.
    Applicants reaching at least 55 points have passed the selection procedure.
    Applicants reaching less than 45 points will not be accepted
  2. If the total awarded points is between 45 and 54, the applicants come to the second stage, in which they will be invited to an interview (duration of 20 to 30 minutes). Based on this, our admission board decides if the applicant would be able to successfully complete our Master's degree program. The interview will help also to discuss the applicant's motivation, ground technical knowledge and its own personal assessment. The dates for the interview will be announced with the invitations to it.

In the case that you do not have finished your Bachelor's program or you do not have received your final documents yet, you can get admission when you have reached at least 130 CP in your underlying Bachelor's program (according to a 180 CP Bachelor's degree program). According to the study regulations early admission is possible on reasonable request for students who are enrolled in a Bachelor's degree course which fulfills the admission requirements (see above). You must then prove this Bachelor's degree at the latest two semesters after the start of the Master's program. A request can only be justified if the successful completion of the Bachelor degree is (at least) theoretically possible until the end of the first semester of the Master studies. With an application, the request is considered implicitly made.

TUMonline shows at first that the final documents of the Bachelor are required. You may hand in the final documents of your Bachelor until the end of the second semester. However, the deadline for this will only be noted in TUMonline once all other enrollment-relevant documents except the final documents have been submitted on time.

usually, admission remains valid for a future application for the same program. For detailed information, please see here.

Possible problems

The provisional admission does not guarantee that studying a Bachelor's and a Master's program in parallel is possible. It is your own decision to accept the place of study. Therefore, you take the responsibility to manage possible conflicts.

Starting the Master's program in advance makes sense, when you have already finished the Bachelor's degree, but you did not receive the final documents yet. If you still have to take exams for your Bachelor's degree, it is not recommended to start the Master's program, especially if you have to take the exams in another university.