Third Attempts within the Fundamentals and Orientation Examination (GOP) of B.Sc. Physics

Students who have failed twice exactly one of the three module exams for PH0001, MA9201 and MA9202 after the winter semester or for PH0002, PH0005 and MA9203 after the summer semester after the second examination dates of the module exams from the second part of the fundamentals and orientation examination (GOP) in the Bachelor's program in Physics will be given a third attempt in accordance with §46 sentence 2 FPSO.

By definition, the third attempt can only be organized after all three second dates of the module exams of the respective GOP part have been set as valid.

Please note that this deadline also applies if you already had your second failed attempt in the examination period directly after the lecture period, for example because you were ill during a single module exam in the previous year. In this case, the third attempt will also take place at the beginning of the lecture period of the following semester as described above.

Please note that the date is also independent of whether the other two dates from this GOP part have been passed or not yet passed due to withdrawal from the examination due to illness, but examination attempts are still open. You will receive the third attempt at the end of the semester in which you have failed this GOP module examination for the second time. After a positive third attempt, any remaining open GOP module exams from the same GOP part must be taken when they are offered again (i.e. in the following year) - the third attempt in this GOP part is then used up.

Eligible students are automatically determined and informed by e-mail as soon as the three second attempts have been set valid. It is therefore not necessary to register for the third attempts.

The third attempts are carried out by the examiner of the failed module. The rescue attempts take the form of a written examination, a written and oral examination or an oral examination. The students concerned will be informed of the form of examination and the time and place of the examination by the Examination Board at least one week before the rescue attempt.

Third Attempts after WS 2023/4

All third attempts after WS 2023/4 will take place after completion of the GOP module exams in the second examination period. The last exam is PH0001 Experimental Physics 1 on 11th of April 2024.

Registration is not required. Qualified candidates are automatically identified by the Student Office, registered for the third attempt and then contacted.

The Experimentalphysics third trial will be a short written exam. The exam will take place Tuesday 2024-Apr-30 at 8:30h, candidates will be informed after finalisation of all GOP exams via TUMonline.

The Mathematics-for-Physicists-2 third trial takes place on Tuesday, 2024-Apr-30, 14:30 Uhr as written exam (30 minutes).

Allowed auxiliary material: one self-created DIN-A4 sheet.

Possible preparation: Ideally, the basic material of the lecture and the exercises should be repeated based on the exam questions of the written exam and the repeat exam.

The third attempt in MA9201 Mathematics for Physicists 1 takes place on Friday, 2024-May-03 at 8:15--8:45 in Interims lecture hall I.1 (5620.01.101) as written exam. No auxiliary material ia allowed.