Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Lab Course

According to the curriculum and the general structure of the program, the BEMP Lab Course (=Advanced Practical Training) is scheduled for the 2nd semester of studies.

Registration and team formation

The registration and team formation takes place via TUMonline.
As a rule, there is a common registration procedure for all BEMP Lab courses.
You can register as a team, but you do not have to. When registering as a team, please note the following:

  • Each team member must register themselves in TUMonline
  • All team members enter the same team name (e.g. simply add your three last names together)
  • All team members select exactly the same attempts in the registration process

Please indicate priorities if you are registering for several BEMP Lab courses.

And please register for all groups of the respective BEMP Lab course.

Current information

There will be a preliminary meeting for the lab course. At this meeting the current's semester experiments will be presented and individual questions will be answered. You will get the link for this online event per email.

Date of the preliminary meeting

    2023-04-18 | 14:00: online / zoom

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