Bachelor's degree program in Chemistry

The aim of the Bachelor's degree program in Chemistry is to acquire a deepened expertise in the areas of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, as well as Technical Chemistry. Additionally, you will gain the necessary mathematical and physical foundations to properly assess chemical phenomena. The program concludes with a research-oriented Bachelor's thesis and serves as the academic prerequisite for admission to the Master's degree program in Chemistry.

As a graduate of the Chemistry program, you will have excellent career prospects: Labor market forecasts confirm that highly qualified chemists are in high demand both in Germany and worldwide, now and in the future. The excellent curriculum in the Chemistry program at TUM promises a high level of education and a diverse range of study options.


The application deadlines for the Bachelor's degree program in Chemistry are set for the winter semester from May 15th to July 15th, and for the summer semester from November 15th to January 15th of the following year.

For further information on the application process, please refer to the page on application and admission requirements for the Bachelor's degree program in Chemistry.