Student Seminar in the module Subject-Specific Key Qualifications in B.Sc. Physics

Bachelor's students take at least one student seminar from the broad offer of the corresponding research area in our department. The chosen topic is often related to the Bachelor's thesis.

The student seminar can be attended at any time during the Bachelor's program. Usually it makes sense, to attend the student seminar in the last year of the program. Often, the Bachelor's thesis or the group in which the thesis is supervised leads to an obvious choice of the seminar. The student seminar can also help to find a topic or a research group for the Bachelor's thesis.

It is recommended to discuss the choice of the seminar with (if already known) the supervisor of the Bachelor's thesis. The table below lists only modules for the student seminar that are offered in the current semester.

The registration, the assignation of topics and the scheduling of the dates are usually done in a preliminary discussion in the first week of lectures. Within this preliminary discussion all details for this specific seminar are set. Therefore, the table below lists the announced first event of the course.

The workload of a student seminar is according to 4 CP (ECTS). It contains the preparation and delivery of the own talk as well as the active participation in the discussions during the seminar. Thus, the workload is distributed over the whole course instead of a single examination. However, it is necessary to register in TUMonline for the exam, normally within the usual deadlines. Only if you are registered in TUMonline the lecturer can enter the seminar as "passed" at the end of the semester.

Only in special cases, usually only for students of other departments or partner universities, grades are given for a student seminar. For the TUM Bachelor's programs in physics, the student seminars are just evaluated as "pass" and do not count in the final grade.

Catalogue of Student Seminars in the Bachelor's Program Physics