Legal Basis

for the Master's degree program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

The legal basis for the study program is regulated in the degree-specific examination and study regulations (FPSO). These are based on the general statutes of the TUM (in particular the APSO).

In addition, we provide the program documentation, in which the degree program is described in detail as part of the TUM quality management system. These are supplemented by the descriptions of the individual modules in the module handbook.

Academic and examinations regulations for degree programs and doctoral studies are laid down in the statutes of TUM. English versions are not legally binding documents, only the German versions are available.

The Examination board is in charge of decisions in all examination issues (for example extensions, recognistions, ...).

Chair:Prof. Dr. Julia Herzen
Vice Chair:Prof. Dr. Franz Pfeiffer
Members:Prof. Dr. Dimitris Karampinos
Prof. Dr. Jan Wilkens
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wolfrum
SecretaryDr. Marianne Köpf


Information about this degree program, including the cataloges are given in the Curriculum Section.

The Module catalog of the degree program is available via TUMonline.

Only available in German.