Study Counseling

An experienced team takes care of the coordination of our academic programs, providing information and advice to prospective students and current students concerning specific study-related issues.

Study Counseling Chemistry

For the degree programs Biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Food Chemistry

Bachelor's and Master's degree program Biochemistry

Prof. Johannes Buchner

Bachelor's and Master's degree program Biochemistry

Dr. Martin Haslbeck

Bachelor's and Master's degree program Chemical Engineering

Prof. Olaf Hinrichsen

Bachelor's and Master's degree program Chemistry

PD Dr. Gerd Gemmecker

Bachelor's degree program Food Chemistry

Dr. Stefan Asam

Teacher Education Chemistry

Prof. Fritz Kühn

Studying with a Disability or Chronic Illness: Chemistry

Dr. Oksana Storcheva

Study abroad Chemistry

Daniela Fengler

Prospective Students in Chemistry

Dr. Robert Reich

Doctorate Chemistry

Dr. Markus Drees

Study Counseling Physics

For the degree programs Physics, Quantum Science and Technology, and Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics.

Ticketing system of the study counseling in physics, BEMP und QST

You may send your inquiries to, we will then clarify for you which contact person is responsible.

Please read the information on our website first before contacting us. We have prepared a detailed FAQ-site about our Degree Programs and Doctorate. We receive a lot of questions about basic facts, for which the information is available on our website, such as deadlines, the course program or admission requirements.

A meaningful subject to your e-mail helps us understanding and answering your request much faster, please state your request clear and brief in the subject line (e.g. "Request on advice for application in higher semesters" or "Question on General-Education Subjects")

Please do not put a list of people in cc for your messages, this causes considerable additional work that leads to an overall delay in our replies.

Bachelor's degree program Physics

Dr. Philipp Höffer von Loewenfeld

  • Tel.: +49 (89) 289 - 12344
  • Sprechstunde: Montag 14–16 Uhr und, wenn ich sonst da bin. // Monday 14–16 and when my office door is open.
  • Raum: 5101.EG.048

Master's degree program Physics

Dr. Martin Saß

Master's degree programs Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics & Quantum Science and Technology

Dr. Marianne Köpf

Admissions Process for Master's Programs in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics & Quantum Science and Technology

Dr. Katja Block

  • Tel.: +49 (89) 289 - 14369
  • Raum: 5101.EG.049
  • Consultation: Mon 9:30-11:30 & Wed 13:30-15:30, and by appointment

Master's degree program Matter to Life

Hendrik Dietz, Prof. Dr.

Teacher Education Physics

Dr. Martin Saß

Study abroad Physics

Dr. Maria Eckholt

Studying with a Disability or Chronic Illness: Physics

Dr. Katja Block

Doctorate and Prospective Students Physics

Dr. Johannes Wiedersich

  • Tel.: +49 (89) 289 - 14371
  • Sprechstunde: Freitags 14–16 Uhr und wenn ich verfügbar bin. // Fridays 14–16 and when I am available.
  • Raum: 5101.EG.270