Grading System at TUM

Your courses at TUM will be graded according to the German grading system.

TUM grading system

Your exams and coursework will be graded according to the German grading system: 1,0 – 5,0; 1,0 being the best achievable grade and 4,0 the passing grade. Courses graded below 4,0 are considered as not passed. Final documents as well as the grade report downloadable from TUMonline only list exams and coursework have being passed by the student.

Grade scoreGrade title
1,0very good

A relative ECTS grading A–F as "defined" in some outdated guidelines from the EU commission is not issued. Due to the lack of a well-defined reference, such a classification of the student's performance according to her/his rank in the class would not make any sense. Instead, the final documents normally include an ECTS grading table for the overall grade of the degree program (only for degree-seeking students). For the individual grades of single exams, students may obtain histograms in TUMonline via "Statistical evaluation of exam results".

Incoming exchange students

Not all courses are graded, e.g. seminars and lab courses are only marked as pass or fail. If you need to have grades for all your courses, to be able to transfer the credits at your home university, please talk with the corresponding lecturers at the beginning of the semester to see if it would be possible to get also a numerical grade.