General-Education Subjects in BEMP, QST and Physics Programs

To obtain transferable skills beyond the physics education, students in physics study programs find a wide catalog of modules from classic soft skills to fundamentals in areas unrelated to physics.

The general-education subjects are elective subjects and do not need to be taken in the exact semester they are listed in the study plan. The CP of successfully finished modules are summed up. The coursework "general-education subjects" is completed as soon as the sum is 3 or 4 CP (depending on the study program) or more. If single modules were graded, these grades do not count towards the final grade of the Bachelor’s or Master’s examination. General-education subjects count towards the total credit balance with up to 3 or 4 CP (depending on the study program) – even if you take more credits from these subjects.

Besides the classical "soft skills", normally all modules from humanities and social sciences can be included into our catalog of general education subjects. We cannot include modules when already modules with similar content are part of the curriculum of our Bachelor or Master programs (e.g. as mandatory module or in the elective catalog of non-physics courses) – hence, especially modules from neighboring sciences (Mathematics, Informatics, Chemistry, Engineering…) are not general education subjects.