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Exam Registration in TUMonline between 2022-11-20 and 2024-01-15

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Exam registration for the modules of WS 2023/4 in TUMonline is open till 15th of January 2024 regularly. For the module exams within the GOP registration is mandatory and not showing up results in not passing.

TUMonline registration is necessary condition for credits

Registration for exams in TUMonline is necessary condition for the assignment of credits – the only exceptions from this rule are

  • specific lab courses (e. g. the advanced lab course), where registration is done in a different system, and
  • the final thesis (research phase) and the final colloquium with separate registration.

Fundamentals and Orientation Examinations (GOP)

Furthermore for the module exams within the Fundamentals and Orientation Examinations (GOP) e.g. in the Bachelor’s program Physics the legal fiction of registration is in place – please register nevertheless for these exams. The exam registration serves us to do the seating plans. If you do not register for the exams of GOP the legal fiction of registration according to the exam regulations still holds – automatic registration is done by the student’s office and not showing up results in not passing. For students that did not register themselves we assign no seating place to start with. You can take the exam without self-registration – but you may have to do with a less than optimal seating situation.

If you, as a student in a NAT bachelor's program, do not take a module exam from the Fundamentals and Orientation Examination (GOP) after WS 2023/4 that you have not yet passed, this is considered to have been taken and not passed. The GOP modules of winter semester in the different programs are shown in the following table:

Bachelor’s program ChemistryCH4101, CH0105
Bachelor’s program Chemical EngineeringMA9301, MW1937, and CH0575
Bachelor’s program Food ChemistryCH4090, CH0105
Bachelor’s program PhysicsPH0001, MA9201, and MA9202

In the Bbachelor’s program in Biochemistry you must pass at least one of the mandatory modules stated in the curriculum at the end of the 2. semester (§ 38 Abs. 2 FPSO).

Registration required for student seminars

The term exam here refers to all kind of examination. Especially coursework with "immanent examination character" (e. g. student seminars) require exam registration in TUMonline.

Please note: student seminars available for Bachelor as well as Master students are modularised with two different module numbers and hence two different exam dates in TUMonline for the two levels Bachelor and Master. Keep in mind to register for the correct exam – ideally you use SPO tree for registration (in the application "Curricula Support" which can be reached using "Study status/Curriculum").

Register via the SPO tree

In order to have the credits assigned correctly we strongly advise to use the SPO tree for registration (in the application "Curricula Support" which can be reached using "Study status/Curriculum"). If using the free registration (without the SPO tree) pay special attention to the correct assignment of the registration – registration as "free subject" means that you do not want the credits for this course to count for your current studies.

Oral exams

For oral exams in the special courses the time between the lecture periods is regularly split in two exam periods with separate dummy dates and registration for the second examination period is Mon, 11.03.2024 till Mon, 24.03.2024. After registration for the oral exam in TUMonline please contact the examiner to obtain your individual examination date. Failing to take the exam until the last possible date (Sat, 23.03.2024 or Sat, 20.04.2024) given in the registration information results in a fail (grade 5.0).

Test exams/Mid-Terms and additional exams not related to your study program

As an exception registration for test-exams/mid-terms and for additional exams which have no relation to your study program at all is done via the section "Exam Registration - Search" in the application "Exam Registration" in TUMonline. Use the exam number (usually equal to the module number) as search term – the exam number for Physics test-exams are usually a concatenation of module number and a term including "Mid", e.g. "PH0001Mid1" for the first test-exam in Experimental Physics 1 (searching for "PH0001" gives among others the relevant mid-term/test-exam).

This includes e. g. registration for module exams that cannot be included in your current study program or registration during your Bachelor’s studies for exams from the Master’s program which should be recognized lateron.

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