Fascinating Physics

»From the smallest to infinity« - Physics gives us the answers to questions about the smallest and biggest systems in nature: from elementary particle all the way to the cosmos.

What does matter consist of? What keeps matter and our whole world together? Does it make sense to ask for the beginning of time? What is »Dark Energy«? Under which rules our world does move? Everybody looking for the fundamental correlations in nature has to deal with physics. Physics is the fundamental science about the rules of nature. Physics findings about our world are broadening our horizon day in, day out and are influencing our living vastly.

As manifold as the phenomena in nature as wide is the area of physics applications. From particle physics to astrophysics the TUM offers an interesting and extensive spectrum of subjects due to our top-class teams of researchers. In addition, our catalog of subjects is complemented by topics building a bridge to neighboring sciences: biology, chemistry or medicine.

For us, curiousness is a virtue! To discover new principles in the interplay between theory and experiment, curiousness is the main motivation for physicists. Logical way of thinking, high motivation, capacity for teamwork, patience and purposefulness are also good preconditions for studying physics successfully. At TUM mathematical fundamentals are taught as well as theoretical and experimental methods in order to achieve the capability to work on complex areas of research.

You possess spirit of research, you are inquiring and thirsty for knowledge? With our physics courses, we offer the chance to transform these talents into scientific success. Join us at the physics department of TUM! We are looking forward to welcoming you!