Physics is everywhere

»The intention of physics is to reduce phenomena to general laws, namely the laws of nature.« Rudolf Mößbauer, Nobel prize 1961.

The inquiring mind of humans has not only deepened significantly the knowledge about our world, but has also tremendous consequences on our everyday life. As most fundamental natural science, physics represents the basis for a variety of other sciences like engineering sciences, life sciences or medical science. So a physics course enables you to act in a diversity of fields in your profession!

During the course, you will also develop the ability for analytical thinking. This enables you to solve new and complicated problems in a systematic and self-dependent manner. Especially, the combination of specific expert knowledge and logical-mathematical thinking opens a variety of professional possibilities to graduates in physics and guarantees excellent career opportunities.
From teaching, research, development of products to consulting at insurances or financial industry: physicists are in great demand in various fields and internationally active.