Leave of Absence

Upon request, students can be granted a leave of absence from a regular degree program for important reasons.

In general, a leave of absence during studies has to be applied for at the enrollment office and there have to be important reasons for it. Recognized reasons can be found on the TUM page on leave of absence. Other reasons can also be approved after a review in individual cases, please contact the enrollment office or the Student Service Desk of TUM.

Approval of the school for a leave of absence for a voluntary internship

In principle, it is to be assumed that a voluntary internship (industrial internship) is the student's own responsibility and can also be carried out within the limits of the study progress control in the case of regular studies. The question of whether such an internship is conducive to the student's studies, and thus could lead to  approval by the examination board, is also not clear to decide. Therefore, Physics Department is restrictive in approving a leave of absence for a voluntary internship.

If you expect problems if you are not granted leave of absence for such an internship, please contact the respective secretary to the examination board at an early stage so that a solution can then be found in the individual case: